Monday, February 15, 2010

Leonard Cohen has enough money already!!

There needs to be a Moratorium on the song “Hallelujah”.

Every 5 minutes you hear someone playing or doing a cover of this sappy, joyless song on the radio or in a movie. And last week K.D. Lang hammered the final nail in its coffin by heaving himself (No emails please. I'm being snarky) onto the stage of the opening ceremony of the Olympics and horsed out a throaty off-key rendition on a song that was once hauntingly touching.

Yeah..., not so much.

Is Leonard Cohen in some kind of serious financial trouble that he needs the constant influx of hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties that he is making off the constant airplay? Because if you are, buddy, there are plenty of ways to help yourself without making the rest of western society want to stab it's ear-drums out with an ice-pick.

Enough I say. I am formally proposing a Federally Mandated Moratorium on this song. It is not to be played on the radio, in bars, in movies or on TV EVER again. If you want to listen to this through headphones so none of the rest of us have to listen to it, fine. And may the gods have mercy on your soul.

Also “Do you believe in Magic” by The Lovin’ Spoonful need to go away as well. I don't care how much Disney paid for it.

That is all.


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